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Website Maintenence


Web MaintenanceRecently, I was watching my mechanic work on my car, and the thought hit me: How many online business owners regularly check under the hood to make sure their websites are running smoothly?

We provide a range of maintenance services see the right column for options. We can work on ANY site you have access to, please contact us with any website maintenance questions.

General website Housekeeping
Here are some things related to your website that you should keep a close eye on:

  • Check for broken links and other technical faults on your site. Web links oftern expire, or relevence is changed.Google Webmaster Tools is a great tool this. Another good resource for checking broken links and other things that affect your website's performance-- for instance, your site's loading speed--is Sitereportcard.com .
  • Search for keywords relevant to your website to see where your site turns up in the search results. getting a good search position needs constant site adjustment and updating
  • Check your competitors' sites regularly to see if they're running any special promo's or have any new services or products. If you want to see their website inner workings you can use a paid tool like KeywordSpy or iSpionageto see what keywords they're using to promote thier website. And make sure you sign up for any newsletters or RSS feeds they provide to keep tabs on what they're up to.
  • Search the internet for some phrases from pages on your site to make sure others are not using your content without linking back to you.
  • Search for your own website to see if anyone's saying anything bad about you.

A malfunction on your website can be just as damaging to your business as a brake failure would be to your car. Ideally, you should set aside one day each month to undertake a major site review. It'll keep your business running as smoothly as a well-oiled engine.



Our Range


For un Scheduled adjustments modifications and additions to yoyr website we charge £25 per hour. We will estimate a time and have a minimum of 30 mins for £15


Weekly rates include interfacing new or updated content to your site on a regular basis. This can include interacting with Face book and twitter. £20 per hour booked in 5 week blocks.


Our annual package is a site check to find any broken links. We will update any contebt Supplied to us via email. This 1 hour hpackage comes FREE with sites that are hosted with us.