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  • Does your website sell your merchandise ?
  • Does your website rank well in Google and Yahoo?
  • can you update your own shopping cart ?

Shopping carts are an integral part of the online shopping experience. E-commerce designers face challenges in creating an attractive, yet user-friendly, website that will provide customers with a pleasant purchasing experience.

web designerMaking choices

If you're building an e-commerce website or adding a small store to an existing website, we give you plenty of options to choose from. With so many different options and so much variety from one to another, there is no right or wrong solution, just different choices that may work best for you in different situations.

As there is quite little use in reventing the wheel, we work with 2 different Preformatted Shopping cart Options, SummerCart, EkmPowerShop, and we also use PayPal to create fully customised, If you don't already have a preferred e-commerce system to work with, wse have done homework and know what shopping ~Cart System to recommend to different users.

Frankie Mc PhillipsFrankie Mc Phillips, Fly Tier.

New to the web and Computers in General, Frankie came to us through Word odf Mouth, a reccommendation from a a client of ours, Brendanwoodturning.com. We used Summercart Templates which was tweeked to suit Frankies specific needs. As a fly tier, Frankie had a keen eye for design, and noe of the shopping cart templated suited the new brand that "FLY" had created. We customised the Shopping cart to Match

Stie It UpStir It Up

StiritupIreland.com wanted to create an eCommerce website that prospective customers will enjoy using and want to visit repeatedly, polished, professional and intuitive webpages are important. StiritupIreland also wanted a very specific look, No Templates here, , combined with A PayPal E-Commerce solution with a Free Monrthly cost and just a fee per Transaction.

Clients Say

"I take great pride in the find of work I do, each fishing fly I create is tied by hand and finished to perfection. I approached Crorranny Media with caution as, at the time, they were pretty new,. I am very happy with my shopping cart,

Frankie Mc Phillips.


"no-borders Media Listened, , , as an artist working with paints and textures, I knew very little about the web, , other than it was a what I needed. The no-borders Media team carefully grew my web-presence until it achieved all the goals I had wanted, Showing my art with style, Selling with ease"

Janet Pierce.